State-of-the-art air ambulance.

The Falcon 50, based in Brisbane, has full aeromedical capability and are fitted with a state-of-the-art lifter/loader systems to ensure quick and easy loading and unloading of patients with no manual lifting while providing the highest level of safety possible.

The interiors are wired and fitted for aeromedical capability with rapid reconfiguration for aeromedical rescue and repatriation charter work. This aircraft is fitted with long-range AeroMedical Evacuation Products life support bases, including oxygen, vacuum, compressor and power systems, emergency stretcher and patented loading ramp and loading system.

Our Dassault Falcon 50 aircraft has an impressive list of specifications:

  • Range – 3,400 nm / 6,297 km / 3,913 mi
  • Maximum Air Speed – 475 kts / 880 kmh / 547 mph
  • Maximum Cruising Altitude – 45,300 ft / 13,807 m
  • Carries a patient, Doctor, Nurse, and up to 2 companions or additional medical staff
  • Quality engineering and design
  • Highest level of performance and precision,
    speed and safety
  • Fully-equipped air ambulance
  • On-board toilet and APU
  • Based in Brisbane
Falcon 50 seat map