Fully equipped for aeromedical dispatch.

MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS has two Dassault Falcon 20 jets, each configured for aeromedical flights. The jets are fitted with specialised loading systems, stretcher bases, life-pod and medical equipment. These comfortable, wide body jet aircrafts have been fully reconditioned inside the cabins and have been fitted with Honeywell engine upgrades for maximum performance and safety. We compliment this with access to a fleet of aircraft, all specially equipped to carry critically ill or injured patients.

Our Dassault Falcon 20 aircrafts have an impressive list of specifications:

  • Range – 1,782 nm / 3,300 km / 2,051 mi
  • Maximum Air Speed – 466 kts / 863 kmh / 536 mph
  • Maximum Cruising Altitude – 42,000 ft / 12,802 m
  • Carries a patient, Doctor, Nurse, and up to 2 companions or additional medical staff
  • Quality engineering and design
  • Highest level of performance and precision,
    speed and safety
  • Fully-equipped, dedicated air ambulance
  • Based in Maroochydore and Sydney