Aeromedical Retrievals

Emergency Response
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When every second counts, we ensure fast, reliable and safe transport of patients.

Aeromedical Excellence

MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS was established by converging diverse expertise in management, medicine, nursing, and aviation, ensuring we provide top-tier air ambulance services in the most rapid and efficient manner possible.


Our offerings span a comprehensive range of aeromedical retrieval services. We specialise in emergency medical evacuations, routine patient air transfers, and organ transfers, catering to insurance companies, hospitals, individuals, and government entities alike. As a leading Australian medevac provider, especially prominent in the Asia Pacific Region, we deploy state-of-the-art jets and equipment. Notably, Medevac.Flights’ air ambulance services stand out due to the experienced and professional team that adeptly handles both domestic and international retrievals.

Nurse and Doctor attending to patient on an air ambulance for a medevac mission.

The devoted team at MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS is on standby 24/7, ready to discuss, plan, and coordinate optimal transfer conditions and care for patients. Whether you’re in need of medevac in Australia, Asia Pacific or farther afield, we’re here to assist you or your clients with unmatched excellence.

Our Process

MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS deploy air ambulances to provide hospital-grade care to those critically ill or injured. With our cohesive team of pilots, highly experienced medical crews, and coordinators, every patient receives the best in aeromedical care.

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Available 24/7/365

You can contact us by phone:
+61 7 3186 3696
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Rapid Response

As soon as MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS is contacted, we immediately begin all necessary coordination of your aeromedical transport needs. We will serve as a liaison between attending and receiving physicians, collect medical data, and draft arrival and departure schedules.

Jet Icon - MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS puts safety of patients first.

We ensure not only the fastest but also the safest transport possible for both domestic and international retrievals. Our jets are staffed with experienced aeromedical crews comprising of at least two pilots, a doctor, and a nurse.

You’re in good hands


Our doctors hold specialist qualifications with over five years’ experience in Emergency or ICU medicine.


We only employ aeromedical retrieval nurses with vast experience in door-to-door retrievals and critical care nursing. All our nurses possess relevant postgraduate qualifications.


The MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to discuss, coordinate, and carry out the most appropriate transfer and care of patients.


Our pilots all have many years of experience in the private, commercial and aeromedical aviation sectors.

Our Aircraft

Our air ambulance fleet features renowned aircraft brands, including Bombardier Lear, Cessna Citation, and Dassault Falcon. Each jet is equipped with top-tier loading systems and ICU setup which encompasses stretchers, power-based setups, in-built oxygen, and essential medical devices.  Find out more about our aircraft.