Our Aircraft

MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS collaborates with premier private jet operators in Australia. Our fleet features renowned aircraft brands, including Bombardier Lear, Cessna Citation, and Dassault Falcon.

Each jet is equipped with top-tier loading systems and ICU setup. This encompasses stretchers, power-based setups, in-built oxygen, and essential medical devices. Every plane boasts spacious, pressurised cabins and onboard restrooms. To enhance the patient’s well-being, an APU ensures air-conditioned comfort on the tarmac.

These aircraft adhere to stringent pilot training protocols, safety measures, and maintenance routines and operate under Australian Air Operating Certificates (Civil Aviation Safety Authority). Furthermore, they come equipped with satellite phones, facilitating seamless communication between the medical crew and operations during missions.

We have the following jets available for use:


We have three Lear 60 jets, with two based in Brisbane, Australia and one based in Singapore. These aircraft are capable of a dual-stretcher setup and perfect for rapid response medevacs making up our core offering.

The Falcon 900, based in Sydney, is a single-stretcher aircraft ideal for longer medevacs or when large medical teams are required for complex cases. This aircraft requires more lead time for missions.

The Citation CJ4 and CJ2 aircraft are well-regarded choices for air ambulance services. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia these jets backup and compliment our aircraft offering.


Turbo prop planes are also available for specific missions where cost is prohibitive or there is a need to access smaller airports for rapid response in remote locations, including unsealed tarmacs.