The next generation of air ambulance.

The Learjet 60 is a top-of-the-range beautifully designed mid-size jet, and an excellent choice for any long-haul medevac journey. The Learjet 60 is best known for its incredible speed and long-distance range, economic output, and good handling characteristics.

Due to its higher operating altitudes (certified to fly at 51,000ft), the Learjet is able to climb above disruptive weather conditions and avoid air traffic, providing a smooth flight and flying patients on the most direct route, making it one of the fastest mid-sized jets on the market.

As we have multiple crewing, this jet has the capability to retrieve a patient from the Pacific or Asia without a duty rest, or further afield without the need to overnight with the patient or perform a wing-to-wing transfer.

Our Learjet 60 aircraft have an impressive list of specifications:

  • Range – 2,300 nm / 4,259 km / 2,646 mi
  • Maximum Air Speed – 457 kts / 846 kmh / 525 mph
  • Maximum Cruising Altitude – 51,000 ft / 15,544 m
  • Carries a patient, Doctor, Nurse, and up to 2 companions or additional medical staff
  • Quality engineering and design
  • Highest level of performance and precision,
    speed and safety
  • Fully-equipped air ambulance
  • On-board toilet
  • Based in Brisbane
Learjet 60 seat map