MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS specialises in providing fully equipped Air Ambulances to facilitate emergency medical evacuations and interfacility transfers, both domestically and Internationally. We routinely partner with insurance companies, hospitals, individuals and Governments. We also have the ability to provide time-critical organ transport for transplant organs, the transplant team or organ transplant recipients, both domestically and internationally., in a safe and professional manner.

Our teams can be airborne for organ transport within one to two hours of request. Our logistics specialists will handle all phases of the transport from ground transportation to working with you and the receiving hospital to ensure the transplant arrives viable.

We understand the complexities of transferring this very special gift which will mean the world to the person receiving it, and to their loved ones. The last thing recipients or their families should have to worry about is the timely arrival of their future. We will assist where required to ensure the flight is managed effectively and efficiently.

Coordinators are on standby 24/7 to receive your call and arrange a quote. Please contact MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS on +61 7 3186 3696 or email charter@medevac.flights.