International Assistance Group – Accredited Service Provider

We are proud to announce that MEDEVAC.FLIGHTS has recently joined the International Assistance Group as an Air Ambulance Accredited Service Provider – the only one on the East Coast of Australia to have obtained this prestigious accreditation.

International Assistance Group is a unique global alliance with a worldwide network of more than 140 independent assistance companies, and qualified service providers operating across all five continents. The partners of International Assistance Group are supporting over 181 million end users worldwide. One of the key strengths of the alliance lies in the fact that they partner with established local companies, hand-picked in line with stringent quality criteria, with extensive experience in their respective markets.

This worldwide alliance of service providers is dedicated to providing help for people far from home and we are proud to be able to say we are part of this alliance.

More than just a network, International Assistance Group is the world’s largest alliance of independent assistance companies and accredited providers. And each partner is chosen based on their solid experience in their respective markets as well as their proven track record of quality and reliability.

Through this unique approach and with our proven medical expertise, we’re able to offer you first-rate solutions worldwide, ensuring you arrive home safely.